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The home of loading dock safety equipment from Thorworld Industries Ltd.

According to Health & Safety Executive statistics, more than half of employee fatal injuries are of three kinds: being struck by vehicles; being struck by falling objects; or falling from height.

All of these accidents can occur in the loading bay, making it one of the most hazardous areas in any distribution or warehouse environment.

An extensive range of loading dock safety equipment is available to protect against accidents, and it is vital that all businesses should take a proactive approach to protecting their workers and resources.

Without a robust strategy in place, your loading/unloading area is an ‘accident waiting to happen.’ Don’t find out the limitations of your loading dock safety procedures the hard way.

  • Why prioritise loading dock safety?
  • Ensure a duty of care to employee safety
  • Prevent damage to buildings, vehicles or equipment
  • Minimise downtime caused by incidents
  • Keep insurance premiums low

Avoid legal action from injured workers or regulatory bodies

Thorworld Industries is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers to the materials handling sector, and provides a one-stop, single source for an extensive range of high quality loading dock safety products.

On this website, we will highlight some of the common hazards and simple, cost-effective precautions.


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